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In an already stressful situation, My Texas PI is sensitive to the issues, discreet, thorough and efficient.

Most people do not enter into an intimate relationship expecting to need the services of a private investigator. Today, the stakes can be high if suspected infidelity is impacting a relationship. Not only is infidelity a devastating situation, it can affect many people not directly involved in the matter. If infidelity leads to a permanent separation, having documentation for legal ramifications can be invaluable.

My Texas PI began with infidelity cases and it is where we continue to excel. Unlike many private investigative services, verifying and documenting infidelity must be custom tailored to each situation, we understand how difficult this can be.

My Texas PI has designed several packages to help our clients understand the types of services, costs and techniques that may be used to obtain evidence of infidelity. These options are customizable to each situation.

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All our photos/videos are date and time stamped and are included with the final written report at the end of all investigations. All investigations are conducted by Licensed and Insured Private Investigators.

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